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In terms of the 13th amendment to the Constitution of 1978 and the powers vested by the Provincial Council Act No. 42 of 1987

  • Enactment of Provincial Council Statutes
  • Implementation of Council decisions, committee decisions and advisory committee decisions.
  • Payment of salaries and allowances to Chairman, Deputy Chairman and other Provincial Council Members and providing necessary facilities to them.
  • Maintenance of administration and accounts of this office.


  • Conducting general meetings
  • Convening general meetings twice every month. Preparation of Agenda for such meetings and making arrangements for them.
  • Action should be taken prepare official minutes on such meetings and copies should be sent to Honorable Member of the Provincial Council, to the Ministry and other establishments.
  • Decisions arrived at the meetings and resolutions should be sent to the respective ministries.

Committees established in terms of the Procedure Code of the Provincial Council of Uva are given below.

  1. Accounts Committee of the Provincial Fund
  2. Committee on proposed Legislation and rules
  3. Committee on proceedings of the Council
  4. Committee on procedural rules
  5. Committee on general meetings
  6. Committee on common amenities and privileges
  7. Committee on public petitions

Of these committees, the committee on proceedings of the council meets compulsorily twice every month. Other committees are convened as the circumstances require. Future action has to be taken in accordance with the decision taken at the committee meeting.

Of these committees the role of the Accounts Committee on Council Fund is fairly extensive.

  1. Taking action to table the Auditor general’s reports sent in connection with the Provincial Council every year.
  2. To obtain replies from the respective establishments.
  3. To submit them to the committee and to the Audit division.
  4. To take action to discuss them at the committee meeting.
  5. To obtain replies again according to the Committee decision, holding basic inquiries and informing such decisions to the establishments concerned.

Statutes submitted by relevant ministries on the subjects devolved on Provincial councils should be studied as to whether they are on relevant subjects of the Provincial Councils and then they should be sent to the governor for approval and on approval by the governor, duties involved up to publication of them in the gazette should be performed.
Performance of duties submission of supplementary estimates sent by other Ministries and establishments to the Council up to obtaining of Hon. Governor’s approval for them.
This office will take action to submit the annual financial statement of each year to the Council for approval. Progress Reports and Action plans of Ministries will be submitted to the council and debates on them will be arranged for several days. Coordination work will be arranged by this office.
Action to table the Policy Statement made by the Hon. Governor at the commencement of each session is taken by the office of e Secretary to the Council. The task of arranging the ceremony for this address in entrusted to this office.
Offices of holders of the following positions are maintained by this office.

  • Office of the Hon. President
  • Office of the Hon. Deputy President
  • Office of the Hon. Leader of the Opposition
  • Office of the Hon. Leader of the House
  • Office of the Hon. Organizer of the government party

In addition to the above, office of the secretary to the Council attends to the mattes relating to its office staff and other administrative work. Maintenance of meeting hall of the Council is also performed by this office.

Payment of allowances to Hon. President, Deputy President, Hon. Leader of the opposition, Hon. Leader of the House, Hon. Organizer of the government Party including those of Council Members’ in done by this office. Further granting  loan facilities to Provincial Council Members is also handled by this office.

Payment of salaries and loans to the staff of the Secretary’s office and payment of allowances to personal staff of Council Members is also a duty entrusted to this office.

Further maintenance of accounts relating to the Council Secretary is also performed by this office.

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